Meet Chris

When you need a real estate professional who takes a close look at trends and the market, who has a previous career in Finance and Lending, and who helps her clients build value each and every day by making smart investment choices, look no further than Chris Watkins.

Through her expertise and dedication, she is able to provide her clients with the inside scoop on opportunities that exist in the Greater Eastside and Sammamish Plateau real estate markets. She takes time to conduct comprehensive research and monitor trends and then provide her analysis to her clients providing critical insights they need to make decisions regarding their priorities and goals.

Chris is truly dedicated to providing exceptional, professional and comprehensive real estate services to her clients. Her objective is simple – proactively address each issue that comes up or may come up during a transaction to ensure that every point of the transaction goes smoothly. Due to her background, Chris is uniquely qualified to offer her clients’ additional valuable knowledge into their lending application requirements. And as a specialist in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential and Commercial Properties; Chris takes every measure to measure to ensure that all of her client’s personal real estate goals are achieved, either when buying or selling.

Chris readily delivers results that are beyond her clients’ expectations and exhibits a true commitment to providing the highest level of expertise and outstanding personal service. Chris is dedicated to providing her clients with the extra effort and attention, both now and after the transaction. Once you work with Chris, you always have an advocate in your corner.

From Kelly:

“Chris is extremely patient and careful with her clients. When she is working for you, she is in your corner 100%. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She brings a commercial real estate background to our team and with that, a wealth of knowledge that has benefited our clients on a whole different level.”